Location Update, 9 October, 2001
The Casino - Added Monopoly by Stern

Location Updates, 9 February 2000
Complete overhaul of locations. Visited every location (except the Casino on Goodge St) on a recent trip and everything is up to date.

Location Update, 5 May, 1999
Play 2 Win Old Compton now has a Revenge From Mars and South Park.

Location update, 24 January, 1999
Play 2 Win Oxford Street no longer have any pins.

Location update, 19 October, 1998
Segaworld: conditions and selection updated. WMS pins removed

New (well, old) location added, 11 August, 198
Crystal Rooms in Leicester Square is said to have a No Good Gofers, ending it's ~1 year pinball hiatus

Updates, 10 June, 1998
Play 2 Win's 10 high game contests have ended.
Segaworld's pin conditions updated (to deplorable)

Location Updates, 28 May, 1998
All local Play 2 Win's (except for Wardour St. and Victoria Station) have a Viper now. And they are all giving 10 pounds to high game of the week.

Segaworld's No Good Gofers is back and working 100% (for now).

Changes at Namco County Hall. They've added NBA Fastbreak, Star Wars Trilogy, and a beat-up World Cup Soccer to the mix.

Location Update, 14 May, 1998
Play 2 Win, Oxford Street
Added: Viper
Lost: Star Wars Trilogy
Notes: The Viper has a 10 weekly prize for high score.

Also notice the new look of this page complete with my homemade Underground logo :-)
Now it's easier to find these locations with specific Tube stops and the lines serving them.

Location Update, 20 April, 1998
Segaworld pins are now all functioning.
A replacement NGG is expected in at some point, along with the Viper.

Location Updates, 2 April, 1998
Has added SEGA's Viper: Night Driving

No Good Gofers is being returned. to the distributor.
Will post its replacement when known.

Location Update, 15 March, 1998
See listing for updates to game conditions/pricing. etc.

Location Updates, 13 February, 1998
They've now added a small row of pins! You can find a No Good Go*fers, NBA Fastbreak, Cirqus Voltaire, and a Space Jam, plus a Lost World and Starship Troopers (ST is outside the main park in the mini-gameroom next top McDonalds)

Location Updates, 13 February, 1998
Added: No Good G*fers

Location Updates, 31 January, 1998
Play 2 Win Oxford Street
Added: Starship Troopers
Lost: Space Jam

Game Grid, Victoria
Now has:
Theatre of Magic
Scared Stiff

Location removed, 18 January, 1998
Strand Amusements (Charing Cross Tube) no longer has any pins.
This is the second location to give up on maintaining pin tables this past year, joining Crystal Rooms in Leicester Square. Location Update, 17 January, 1998
Play 2 Win, Old Compton Street
Added: Starship Troopers
Lost: Star Wars Trilogy

Major updates everywhere, 10 January, 1998
I've checked most locations personally.
Check for updates to Crystal Rooms, Namco (Wonderpark and Namco by the Aquarium), Funland, Casino, various Play 2 Wins, etc. Added the Winning Line in Earls Court, which has one Batman Forever in less than average condition at 3 games for a pound.

Location Update, 27 October, 1997:
SEGA World, The Trocedero
Added: Jurassic Park: The Lost World; Space Jam (both reported to be in less than acceptable condition)

Location Update, 15 September, 1997:
The Casino, Goodge St. Tube
Added: X-Files

Location Update, 22 July, 1997:
Play 2 Win, Oxford St.
Added: Lost World
Lost: Scared Stiff

Location Update, 9 June, 1997:
The Casino (Goodge St. Northern Line Tube)
Added: Jurassic Park: The Lost World
Lost: Independence Day

Location Update, 3 June, 1997:
Las Vegas, Wardour St. SOHO
Added: (in a major renovation)
NBA Fastbreak and Scared Stiff
Lost: Goldeneye

Update, 31 May, 1997:
Play 2 Win Oxford St.
Added: NBA Fastbreak
Lost: Attack From Mars

Update, 30 April, 1997:
Star Wars Trilogy: Special Edition, by Sega, now at 2 locations:
The Casino and Play 2 Win, Oxford Street.
The Casino lost Space Jam to make room, P2W lost Arabian Nights

Many updates, 3 January, 1997:
Space Jam and Scared Stiff added at Trocadero and Play 2 Win, Oxford St. Pinball Magic update at Wonderland

Location Added, 16 December:
Strand Amusements, on The Strand, Charing Cross Road Tube
Current Tables: Arabian Nights, Attack From Mars, Twister

Location Update, 15 December:
Namco's Wonderland
1) I never mentioned it here cause it was upstairs and slipped my mind, but now that it's been moved with the other pins, I must add that Pinball Magic is here as well.
2) Road Show has been somewhat fixed. The double flipping flipper has been fixed, and the gate by the skill shot was inadvertantly fixed by me on a strong nudge... It still has a problem with randomly reseting, but YMWV. I completed a 4+ Bil. Super Payday w/o a problem. Then it reset for no reason early the next game.....

Location Update, 15 December:
Funland, The Trocedero
Added: Scared Stiff
Lost: Theatre of Magic

Location Update, 13 December:
Play 2 Win, Wardour Street
Lost: Attack From Mars
Scared Stiff is now the only pin here... but at least it's off on the side where you can concentrate instead of next to the note changer.

Location Update, 13 December:
Play 2 Win, Oxford Street
Added: Scared Stiff, 50p/play
Lost: Theatre of Magic
Additional Note: The Airborne is now unplayable. 12 error messages in all, the worst of which is the broken drop targets at the top right. You can't advance past France (2nd level) because of this.

Location Update, 12 December:
The Casino, Goodge St. Tube
Lost: Twister

Location Added 9 December:
GameGrid, Between Victoria Tube and Victoria Coach Station
It's on the edge of some fancy looking shopping center you'll pass
-Demolition Man, 3 games for a pound
-Apollo 13, 50p/play

Fixed 2 December, 1996:
Play 2 Win, Oxford Street
The Airborne's bottom kicker/lock mechanism has been fixed after I complained enough. It is still off-balance though, and the left flipper is not working right... but it's *better* :)

Added 20 November:
The Casino, Goodge St. Tube.
SEGA's Space Jam